Autohaus Koch Neukirchen-Vluyn
Mobility is the key to quality if life!

This is our philosophy to help you find the RIGHT car for you.

Since 2009, we have been specialising in the conversion of vehicles to meet the needs of physically challenged people. It is our firm conviction that mobility is no luxury but should be taken for granted for everybody!

We do not only offer new and used handicap cars to facilitate your life and that of your family and improve your quality of life, but also assist you with all questions revolving around the issue of “Being Mobile with Handicap“, e.g. with the new or re-application of your driving licence.

In addition, we offer to trade in your old car as well regular maintenance and repair of the conversions in your car.

However, in 2014 we also started the rental services for handicap cars, apart from selling them. See more...

Handicapfahrzeuge Koch Niederrhein