active drivers
autofahren Querschnittslähmung

Independent & individual

You wish to drive yourself?

We help you pick the right vehicle, adapted to your specific wishes and needs. Please take a seat in the cars in our showroom and familiarise yourself with all its functions.

We also assist you with the new or re-application of your driving licence.


Handbediengerät Gas und Bremse

Hand-controls for accelerator and brake

The hand-controls allow a single-handed acceleration and braking and, at the same time, the steering of the car with the knob on the steering wheel. To accelerate, either slightly twist the handle of the hand-control (turn-pull principle) or pull it back (push-pull principle). To decelerate, the handle is pushed forward in both systems.

An additional cover of the pedals makes the accidental operation of the pedals impossible. It only takes a few steps to remove the cover.

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Handbediengerät Gas und Bremse


Multi-function elements

By means of an additional multi-function knob (instead of the steering wheel knob) all indicator, windscreen wiper, light functions and the hooter can be operated; you do not have to take your hand off the steering wheel!

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Ladeboy Rollstuhlverladung


Loading systems

Just press one key and your wheelchair will be loaded automatically through the side door behind the driver’s seat. The side door opens and closes fully automatically. The wheelchair loading system leaves enough space for a third comfortable seat.

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