Finanzierung Fahrzeug

Good to know


If desired, we can offer the suitable financing of your car, also with no down payment required.
Whether low instalments or long credit periods: just determine the monthly instalment you ca afford – up to 96 months. We will find the solution for your needs and car: in a reliable, competent and friendly manner. Contact us, we will be pleased to help you. 



The warranty for your car can be extended to 36 months.
We do not only warrant engine and gearbox, but also many electronic components such as air-conditioning compressor, window regulator or windscreen wiper motors, etc., be it a small car or a family car. Simply ask for our advice. We will find the suitable solution.



Your wheelchair is as individual as you are. Different wheelchairs need different cars. It depends on various factors whether you can use your wheelchair in the car; we will have to discuss this face to face, so we can choose the right vehicle. When found, the vehicle will be adapted to your needs.


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