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Future Safe Rücken- und Kopfstütze

safe and comfortable vehicle

You wish to be a passenger in your wheelchair?
Or sit in the passenger seat during long rides?

We will pleased to give you personal advice about the various options and find the right car in which you feel good and safe.


Special conversions

You have specific wishes or a wider wheelchair? No worries, the conversion will meet your specific wishes and needs.

Conversion options

flexible Rampe Rollstuhl Autofaltbare Rampe Rollstuhl Auto

Flexible / folding ramps

You wish to be able to adapt your car in a flexible manner? It takes one step and the folding ramp is stowed away in the floor of the vehicle thus restoring the standard trunk floor. So, the (family) car with one wheelchair place can fast be converted to transport luggage or beverage crates. When the ramp is folded, the car seats 5 people.

Autohaus Koch



elektrische RollstuhlrampeRampe Rollstuhl Auto elektrisch

Electrical ramps

By means of the remote control, it is very easy to lower or lift the ramp electrically. There is no need to push or pull the ramp into or out of the vehicle manually.

In combination with an electrical winch, the wheelchair can be loaded into the vehicle with little effort only.

Autohaus Koch



kurze Rollstuhlrampe Autokurze Rollstuhlrampe Auto

Short ramps

Together with a hydraulic rear lowering, the ramp is not too steep. The wheelchair can roll into the car effortlessly.

Autohaus Koch



Betreuungssitz RollstuhlfahrerFord Touneo Connect

Ultra-floor cut-outs & max. clearance height

By means of the ultra-floor cut-out with is open at the front it is possible to push, e,g., a nursing wheelchair, more to the front. An additional seat for the caregiver next tot he wheelchair user makes it possible to attend to the wheelchair user during the ride.

Compared with the standard floor cut-outs, the ultra-cut-out is much longer. Thus, it is easily possible to also load electrical scooters and very long wheelchairs.

The Ford Tourneo Connect is far from offering a standard solution; it has a clearance height of 1.55m to meet specific needs.

Autohaus Koch



future safe rollstuhlsicherungSicherheit Rollstuhl

Future Safe – wheelchair restraint systems

The four-point wheelchair restraint system is an extra protection of the passenger in the wheelchair in the event of a collision or impact. The additional head and back restraint is user-friendly, firmly built-in and can always be adapted to each wheelchair flexibly.

If the Future-Safe is not needed, it can be swung out of the way to save space.

Autohaus Koch



Seilwinde elektrisch RollstuhlverladungFernbedienung Seilwinde


Electrical winches enormously facilitate the loading of an electrical wheelchair. Instead of pushing the wheelchair into the vehicle, which is a strenuous effort, the push of the button on remote control will be enough to pull the wheelchair into the car electrically by means of the rope.

Moreover, special winches can be mounted under the passenger seat. Thus, the legroom for the passengers in the back seat is retained.

Autohaus Koch



elektrische HeckklappeHeckklappe elektrisch

Electrical Tailgate openers

The tailgate is too heavy to open or takes too much effort? By means of the remote control, it can be opened and closed easily.

To save space, the electrical tailgate opener is mounted on the side of the vehicle, thus providing maximum comfort and minimum loss of space.

Autohaus Koch



Schwenksitzspezialsitz rollstuhlfahrer

Swivel seats

In addition, a lifting swivel seat can be built in; it can be easily swivelled in and out. Swivelled out, the lifting seat can be lowered forward-facing so that it is at the same level as your wheelchair this making possible an easy transfer.

Autohaus Koch



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